High efficiency ethanol drying and water remediation equipment



CRCfilters EDH-25/45

High Efficiency

Process Features

The CRCfilters EDH-25/45 is a liquid, gravity fed design that eliminates any electrical or moving parts.  Condensed alcohol travels in an up-flow pattern through the 3A molecular sieve media providing longer residency times and full contact. This method achieves the highest efficiency results in water remediation. The vented collection tank will allow for use of  a fluid pump when gravity is not an option.  The CRCfilters EDH-25/45 is a design that truly out performs the most sophisticated and expensive equipment available at a fraction of the cost.

  • No electrical or moving parts

  • No additional components required

  • Long residency times

  • Complete water remediation

  • Easily adaptable to most evaporation equipment

Example: CRCfilters EDH-25/45 in use
CRCfilters EDH-25/45 Features


Operational Features

Small footprint and mobile friendly light weight design fits through most standard doorways with a single operator. The camlock and tri-clamp fittings allow easy adaptability to nearly any system. Two column sizes available capable of up to 45lbs of media which offers over 1 gallon of water retention capacity. The 55 gallon vented collection drum is easily expandable for additional holding capacity.

  • Light weight mobile friendly 

  • Up to 45lb media capacity

  • Up to 1 gallon of water retention

  • Expandable 55 gallon collection drum

  • Stainless steel construction

Case Study

The CRCfilters EDH-25/45 has been field tested over years of production and proven through third party testing to be one of the most cost effective and efficient turn key ethanol dehydration systems available.

Dehydrator case study 2

Key Features

25/45 lb Capacity • Expandable 55 Gal Collection  •

Complete Water Remediation  • Highest Efficiency