Simple and Efficient Evaporation and Recovery

CRCfilters EV-2.5


Front view CRCfilters EV-2.5


Focused Features

The CRCfilters EV-2.5  large evaporation surface area, allows for faster separation than conventional rotary evaporators.  Perfect for lab operations or combine multiple units in parallel for higher volume and multi batch operations.  Flexible heating options reduce overall cost when compared to jacketed vessels.

  • 2.5 Gallon capacity each unit

  • Over 80 sq in of evaporation surface area

  • Combine in parallel for multi batch or high production

CRCfilters EV-2.5 15gal set up
CRCfilters EV 2.5 Specs


Operational Features

Small light weight design with Stainless Steel construction. Interior handle rivets are welded for an air tight seal so unit can be operated under vacuum or atmospheric pressure. Large 2 inch site glass provides easy monitoring. 1/2″ camlock vapor connection seals tight and allows for quick disconnect.

  • 1/2″ camlock provides tight seal and quick release

  • 2″ sight glass for easy monitoring

  • 1/4″ vacuum relief valve

  • Light weight for easy handling

Key Features

2.5 Gallon Capacity • Light Weight 

Large Surface Area •  Expandable •  User Friendly