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CRCfilters EP-05



Focused Features

The EP-05 is a one step alcohol extraction and purification system featuring a patented vacuum only operation. This eliminates any electrical or moving parts within contact of the product or hazardous zone. This uniquely engineered design provides full saturation and soak of the material while simultaneously introducing fresh solvent in a continuous flow. This method achieves the highest yields possible. The 4 stage purification can remove, chlorophyll, molds and other contamination down to 0.22 micron. A revolutionary design that out performs the most sophisticated and expensive equipment available at a fraction of the cost.

  • 1 Step, Extraction Plus Purification

  • Full Saturation/Soak

  • Continuous Flow Rinse

  • Chlorophyll Removal

  • Microscopic Particulate Removal

Full saturation
CRCfilters EP-05 Specs

Highest Efficiency

Operational Features

Designed for high efficiency operations where space and labor are limited.  Small footprint and mobile friendly light weight design fits through most standard doorways with a single operator. One lever operation and factory provided procedure for winterized, retail ready products cut down on R and D and training. Approved for C1D1 and C1D2 locations and NSF certified for manufacturing of food grade products make this system perfect for any facility. Safety certificate of conformance available for local jurisdictions.

  • Minimal Space and Labor Requirements

  • NSF Certified 

  • Approved for C1D1 and C1D2 Locations

  • Vacuum Operated

  • Factory Provided SOP

Award Winning

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Key Features

Safety Certified • NSF Certified • Vacuum Operated   Batch Process • Highest Efficiency • User Friendly