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Pentair Floplus filters are designed with a proprietary fiber, encapsulated with activated carbon fines and a 0.5 micron polypropylene inner core. This unique combination allows for much higher flow rates than standard granular or bonded blocks of similar micron ratings while also creating greater surface area and holding capacity. The 0.5 micron inner core significantly reduces the fine powder that typically comes through on a standard charcoal filter. All these features make the Pentair Floplus the best manufactured CRC filter available.

In case studies where color removal and chlorophyll in particular were the target, the Pentair Floplus filters achieved 50% greater reduction than the standard PAC extruded block cartridges and nearly 75% greater reduction than granular type filters cartridges.
Simply put, the Pentair Floplus cartridges are less expensive, more efficient and environmentally friendly than any other activated carbon filter cartridge where color removal is the target.


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