95 liter Speidel storage tank w/ float alarm and stand


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Used 95 liter Speidel storage tank with float alarm and aluminum stand.


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Used- Speidel storage tank previously used for ethanol storage.  This premium storage tank has a gasketed lid for airtight storage, handles for easy moving, and fittings to add airlocks or taps as necessary.  This cask is made with Speidel’s impeccable craftsmanship, meaning high quality 304 stainless steel construction with a IIId surface finish, insuring easy cleanup and a long service life.

Great for storage of solvent, wine, cider, juice, kombucha, or whatever else you may need


  • 304 SS construction
  • IIId surface finish – easy cleanup
  • 95 l (25.1 gal) volume
  • Gasketed sealed tanks – no oxygen permeation during storage
  • 68 cm (26.7″) Height x 44 cm (17.3″) Ø
  • German quality construction with 25 year warranty
  • Airlock hole with sealing cap in lid – use for storage or buy an airlock to use for fermenting


Shipping info

Packaging type – cardboard box

Package quantity (2)

Dimensions (approximate) actual packaging may vary

Box (1)  24”W x 24”L x 36” H

Box (2) 18”W x 18”L x 24” H

Total shipping weight 60lbs


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