Purification in Cannabis  

Across the country recreational marijuana is becoming legalized. CBD became a phenomenon, and we are inching ever closer to federal legalization. With this rapid growth and expansion has come significant advancements in technology and production methods.  One of the primary focuses has been on purification.

What is Purification?

Purification is the removal of contaminants. While most of the focus has been on distillation as the process of choice, it comes at a cost. Not only the energy and equipment costs but also the actual demolition and degradation of the product itself. With thousands and thousands of delicate compounds in the cannabis plant, fractioning of each is still many years away. Processors have accepted the fact that to remove the human contamination and chlorophyll, they will sacrifice the precious compounds they cannot save. While this has become the industry standard there is another choice. One that preserves a significant amount of these sacrificial compounds while still removing the human contamination and chlorophyll. It is called filtration.

RSO+GO produced the first alcohol extracted, full spectrum un-distilled oil back in 2015 utilizing alternative purification methods which could be vaped and dabbed, as well as ingested without the use of distillation to purify. This launched a new trend in extracted products that utilized alternative methods of purification without distillation to retain the full spectrum of plant compounds without the concern of contamination.

How is un-distilled purified oil different from other oils and why is it so effective?

By now we have all heard about “Whole Plant Medicine” or The Entourage Effect.” These theories promote the use of all (or more of) the therapeutic compounds in cannabis, as opposed to chasing singular benefits from high THC or CBD levels commonly achieved through distillation. The thought is that by focusing on individual elements, we miss out on the plant’s other notable qualities and, more importantly, the group effect of different compounds that makes cannabis such a miracle plant.  A truly complete oil is not defined by the simple presence of THC, CBD and Terpenes but by the inclusion of all compounds, from aldehydes to phenolics and beyond, which interact to enhance the therapeutic value of the oil.

 The Purified Revolution

Cannabis products should be treated the same as any other product you would allow in your body. Free of contaminants from the outside world. Dirt and other human contamination that occurs during the growing process, material prep and oil manufacturing should never enter into the concentrated oil you ingest and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the natural occurring compounds to obtain a clean safe product either. You can indeed purify without distillation and the growing number of unstilled products speaks for itself.

Written By Arthur Paul – 2020