Efficiency in cannabis extraction leads to larger profits

Unlike my standard blog articles this tip is for a more established cannabis processors already making profits but looking for areas to improve. As operations scale up, small efficiencies can make or break the profits. One of the largest consumables in cannabis and hemp processing in particular is alcohol.

If you are using pure ethanol to create food grade products you understand how precious every drop is. At a rate of $35 to $40 per gallon you can’t afford to waste it. But what about what gets trapped in the material after an extraction? There is hope.

How to recover every drop of residual alcohol from extracted cannabis tailings

You have a couple basic options:

  1. Centrifuge
  2. Tumble Dryer

Which one is better?

Think about how you wash your clothes. This is similar to an extraction. First you place your clothes in the washing machine using water to extract the dirt. After the extraction the washing machine spins and removes residual water. Your washing machine spin cycle is a centrifuge. Do you stop there? Of course not. There is still a significant amount of water. You move them to a dryer!

Do you need both a centrifuge and a dryer?

If you have read my last blog tip #3 ethanol evaporation for beginners you understand how the process of a evaporation and recovery works. The same applies to a dryer. Heat is applied to the biomass containing the solvent to cause it to evaporate. This can be done regardless of the quantity of solvent so there is no need to “spin “ the material dry first.  You simply place the saturated biomass directly into the tumble dryer regardless of saturation level and the heat does the rest. Not only will you get the material absolutely dry for safe disposal but with a proper condenser you are able to recovery every last drop. Another advantage to a dryer is that solvent recovered through evaporation is clean and does not require any post processing to return its pure form.

Dryer vs Centrifuge

  Complete drying Safe disposal Full recovery Clean solvent

Tumble Dryer






The verdict, dryers are superior to centrifuges and using one will get you closer to optimum efficiency and higher profits

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Check out the video below for a look at a tumble dryer in action.

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Written by Arthur Paul – 7/2021