Efficiency in cannabis extraction leads to larger profits ( part 4 )

Tips for a faster return on investment in your cannabis business

Are you looking to compete in the cannabis industry on a shoe string budget? The secret is, you don’t have to have expensive technology to produce premium cannabis products. Instead of following the latest trends, think outside the box and keep the money in your pocket. Running a successful cannabis business is about getting a return on investment, and the faster this happens the better. In this series we will look at several tips on how to compete successfully in cannabis with as little investment as possible

This article is meant to be a guide for beginners to point them in the right direction. It is also meant to show there are efficient methods to get the job done and produce quality without spending money. So lets get into it!

Tip #4 – How to do an efficient ethanol extraction for retail ready products

Ethanol extractions while simple in concept require attention to detail in order to achieve quality results

Lets talk about the basics. What is solvent extraction?

“ Solvent extraction is basically a process of diffusion of solvent into oil-bearing cells of the raw material resulting in a solution of oil in the solvent. Various solvents can be used for extraction. After extensive research and testing  as well as consideration of various factors such as physical properties of the solvent and desired product, Ethanol has proven the best for achieving the fullest extraction of available compounds in the material ” – Essential-Innovations

In today’s highly competitive cannabis market, mediocre products are extremely difficult to sell and the market is flooded with distillate and hydrocarbon extractions. So how you do you stand out from the crowd? Pure full spectrum ethanol oil also commonly known as RSO to the medical people. So why aren’t more people making full spectrum oil or RSO? Because they don’t know how!

So what do you need to perform for a successful ethanol extraction for full spectrum oil?

  1. Good material

There are no short cuts here. If you want a high quality product you have to start with high quality fresh material. If you are buying your material spend the extra money for the best. What you save on cheap material you pay for in difficult sales, extra labor in distillation and color remediation which further lead to lower yields and at the end of the day, lower profits.

  1. Material prep

Once you have your material you need to make sure it is prepped properly. This is as important as the material itself.

  • Make sure the material is dry. Don’t assume it is dry because it feels dry. Get a high quality moisture tester and KNOW it is dry. The closer to 0% moisture you get the better but no more than 4% will be acceptable if you want the best product
  • Keep the material cold. You don’t need Cryogenic temperatures but between -20f and -40f are ideal. I recommend buying a good low temp chest freezer for storage and chilling before an extraction. I recommend the Accucold 

For more details on material prep check out my previous blog “ how to prep and store material for an ethanol extraction

  1. Proper solvent

Solvent purity is critical. Only buy 99.9% pure ethanol. While buying denatured alcohol blends may save you a few dollars it will cost you in flavor and quality. No exception here

  • Maintain your solvent. Now that you have 99.9% pure ethanol you have to keep it that way! Even if you get your material down to 1% moisture it is still moisture and will get into your ethanol and build up. Use 3A molecular sieve to dehydrate your ethanol after every extraction. I repeat… No exceptions. CRCfilters makes an affordable inline ethanol dryer I recommend called the EDH-25/45
  • Just like the material you need your ethanol to be cold and I recommend the Accucold here as well
  1. Filtration

Once you have run your ethanol through the material you need to filter it. There is a lot of contamination from the outside world that accumulates in the plant material. All that contamination in the raw plant material just gets concentrated and made worse in the extraction. Since you can’t wash it like a vegetable you have to filter the oil. The best way to do that is by filtering the extracted solution before evaporation. The finer you filter it the better your end result. I recommend the Pentair Fibredyne cartridges available at CRCfilters.com followed by a polishing filter to catch the carbon fines as well as any submicron particles. For the polishing filter I recommend the CRCfilters.com  0.22 micron

So what is the best equipment to accomplish the actual extraction and purification?

The CRCfilters.com EP-05 is my extractor of choice here. It is a proven all in one extraction system with 4 stage purification that has been used in the industry since 2015 producing award winning products. I have operated it personally and wouldn’t use anything else.

Check out the video below to see the CRCfilters EP-05 in action!


Its as simple as that! Pay attention to detail, get the right equipment and follow the simple 4 steps and you will have the highest quality full spectrum oil available. Something the competition doesn’t have and doesn’t know how to make. No distillate will ever compare with the full experience of the complete oil. For more information on full spectrum oil check out Taming THC by Ethan Russo

Check below for other videos and blogs and get any information you may have missed.

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Written by Arthur Paul – 7/2021