Turn key – ethanol evaporation, recovery and dehydration system

Used – excellent condition -. Turn key ethanol evaporation, condensing and drying set up. Atmospheric pressure operation and gravity design eliminate the need for any additional pumps. Air cooled condenser eliminates the need for chiller. 6 vessel set up allows for up to 6 different batches / strains to run simultaneously. 25lb molecular sieve column removes water and includes water saturation indicator. Set up Includes everything shown including shelving rack, condenser, CRCfilters EDH-25 ethanol dehydration and CRCfilters EV-2.5 evaporation vessels, Midea 1500 watt 110v induction burners and electrical wiring. Electrical is not explosion proof but easily changed out.

Primary components and features:

  • Pallet rack – Features: 8’ wide x 12’ high x 2’ deep with 3 levels. Bench top level has stainless steel top
  • (6 qty) CRCfilters EV-2.5 vessels – Features: Total 15 gallon batch capacity. Stainless steel construction with camlock fittings and sight glass. Fully welded construction
  • Air cooled condenser: Features: Air cooled by 1800 cfm fan which will bring solvent to ambient temperature.  Stainless steel internal coils. Standard air filter for shell. Two vent ports for drum venting and other as needed. 14” shell connects to standard duct for exterior venting. Comes mounted to rails which fit directly on the pallet rack cross members without the need for any fasteners
  • CRCfilters EDH-25 ethanol dehydration system – Features: 25lb molecular sieve column and 55gallon stainless steel collection drum. See manufacturer for additional specifications

Overall features:

  • Single switch power supply
  • Runs at atmospheric pressure so no additional pumps are needed
  • Gravity drain so no additional pumps are needed
  • Evaporates up to 8 gallons per hour depending on set-up temperatures
  • Capable of evaporating up to 6 different extraction batches / strains simultaneously
  • Ethanol dryer removes over ½ gallon of water per column and includes change out indicator

Installation / assembly that will be required:

  • Pallet rack shelving snaps together with rubber mallet
  • Component line hook ups ( by quick connect camlocks – no tools required )
  • Condenser shell will need to be connected to exterior vent ( flexible duct connecting line not included )
  • 110v single phase electrical has single power wire connection